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Welcome to the pages of the Terminology Server from FH Dortmund

The main function of a terminology server is the computer-aided representation/expostulation of medical terminologies as well as offering services to access them (completely or partially) and attribute based code systems. The following pages will give a survey of the terminology server of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Dortmund. The terminology server itself is a composition of several web services and we developed a terminology browser to display and maintain the contents. To aid the development of terminologies in a team we also created a collaboration environment.

Terminology Server
Terminology Browser
open Terminology Browser

Use the Terminology Browser to display / navigate through the contents of the Terminology Server.

Open Terminology Browser

Collaboration Environment
open Collaboration Environment

Use the Collaboration Environment to develop terminologies in a team.

It is integrated into the Terminology Browser and can be activated in the menu.

More Tools

Command line tool to import Code Systems and Values Sets:
Terminologieserver Import-Tool

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